Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd regards sexual harassment, racism, prejudice and all forms of bullying and intimidation, a severe breach of the TBS Pty Ltd Equal Opportunity Policy.

Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd supports the rights of individuals to be free from any form of harassment. While engaged in activities undertaken as employees, or in other associations with the Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd. As a construction institution and an employer, TBS Pty Ltd, through the Director: Human Resources and the Ombudsman will take all reasonable steps to eliminate sexual harassment of or by staff, students, or other members of the TBS Pty Ltd System. Objectives To prevent or deal with harassment in the workplace, an agency needs to develop and implement a policy based on the following principles:

  • Management has the responsibility to ensure the workplace is free of harassment;
  • Good people management practices;
  • Fostering standards of ethical behaviour and conduct that contribute to a productive and customer-focused workplace;
  • Prompt action taken when harassment occurs; and
  • Public employees are to treat each other and their customers fairly and with respect and sensitivity.


Employees have a responsibility to ensure their behaviour:

  • Meets an acceptable standard; and
  • Contributes to a productive workplace environment.
  • Any improper behaviour observed should be reported to a supervisor, manager, or other authorised person.
  • Employees who experience harassment should ensure they take action, which can include:
  1. Seeking advice and support through the agency procedures established to deal with employees work-related concerns and grievances;
  2. Telling the person concerned to stop the offending behaviour (the employee may seek assistance before taking this step); and
  3. Lodging a complaint through the agency’s grievance procedures.

Dealing with employee concerns and grievances A system to manage employee work-related concerns and complaints needs to take account of the requirements of the Industrial Relations Act and grievance handling procedures in awards and agreements. To be effective in dealing with harassment issues, Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd is sensitive to the personal problems that can be involved. Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd harassment system include avenues through which employees can seek advice and support and informal and formal processes to deal with complaints. An employee with a charge of harassment is to be made aware of:

  • Appropriate internal processes, which could be part of the agency’s grievance policy;
  • Appropriate external avenues for dealing with the issue, for example, the Anti-DiscriminationBoard; and
  • The union represents their entitlement to seek the advice and support of their union and they.

All staff and contractors are responsible for ensuring that equal opportunity principles are respected. Managers and supervisors are responsible for understanding the legislation and ensuring that the workplace and study environment is safe and free from sexual harassment. The Human Resources Unit are responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of this policy.

End of Policy Statement