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Our Company

We are all brothers and a bunch of Builders & Carpenters who love to build things big, small and detailed. Our humble beginnings were in Samoa, brought up by our parents, who were hardworking cattle & poultry farmers. Now we have proudly been in the NSW building industry for over 20 years and wish to continue for 20 years more!

Our portfolio:
• Commercial maintenance
• Retail – new fit-outs & defits
• Insurance repairs
• Remedial
• Residential new design
• Renovations
• Alterations
• Granny Flats

We have our own inhouse Architect & Interior designer on hand for specific design projects. We are also proud to work alongside the same loyal contractors. It’s important to us as builders that we work with our fellow trades and clients jointly to get the best result for each project.

We offer outstanding project management skills and pride ourselves in client communication. We’re great at managing different projects simultaneously. We also have a great understanding of how necessary planning and compliance requirements are across all our commercial & residential projects.


Every mans backyard dream - converted into a timber heaven! we even "decked" out the bbq and the fridge


office fit out

Old factory ware house converted into a classic car repairs


architectural design

Our latest new home design