Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd (TBS) is committed to meeting its obligation with the Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991 (the OH&S Act). The most efficient and effective way to reduce the human and financial costs associated with work-related injury and illness is through strategic focus on prevention. We encompass the prevention of accidents and injuries, and provision of rehabilitation of injured employees; and proactive assessment and consideration of both mental and physical aspects of work.

Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd is committed to creating and maintaining an environment for management and staff to work cooperatively. We want to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors, visitors and third parties. Continuously improving our OH&S management and performance makes good business sense, and provides benefits to all employees while minimising the risk of injuries and illnesses.


Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd seeks to improve OH&S performance by monitoring trends, initiating pro-active risk management strategies. We are providing training and resources to keep hazards to the minimum practical level. Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd will encourage a workplace culture of prompt reporting of incidents, hazardous situations and dangerous occurrences and will ensure swift investigation with the appropriate remedial action. Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd and its employees will benefit through:

  • Increased morale and job satisfaction
  • Reduced personal illness or injury and associated pain, suffering and potential loss of income;
  • Increased awareness and staff involvement in matters affecting health and safety – including a better understanding of their roles and obligations;
  • Increased specific knowledge and skills related to work systems and processes relevant to individual jobs;
  • Improved productivity through reduced loss of time and better organisational outcomes;
  • To protect people (whether or not a place of work) against risks and safety arising from people and equipment from the use of plant/construction equipment that affects public safety.

Policy Statement:

Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd will ensure the management of OH&S Policy by continuing to adapt work practices and appropriate use of resources which prevent workplace injury or illness. We will promote the protection of health, safety and well-being of employees, contractors, visitors and third parties. To implement this approach, Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd will ensure to be committed to:

A Risk Management approach to identify, assess, eliminate and control hazards which have the potential to harm persons in the workplace;


Complying with relevant OH&S legislation and other requirements placed upon the organisation;


The provision of appropriate OH&S training to all employees;


Policy 1.11 continued

A consultative process to ensure all employees, including where relevant contractors and labour-hire employees, are included in the decision-making process impacting on workplace health and safety. The practical implementation of OH&S policy. Injury Management and timely return of employees to duties following the Workplace Injury Management and Workers’ Compensation Act 2000. Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd will develop, implement and keep under review an OH&S System for managing health, safety and welfare. We support our system by appropriate policies and procedures; reviewed regularly.

End of Policy Statement