Cosy Outdoor Balcony Ideas for Your Residential Property

12 October 2020

Balcony areas on most residential properties are enclosed by walls or balustrades that are typically located outside of residential properties or buildings. Most balconies can be accessed through a door. However, others can be accessed through an upper-floor window.

By tradition, balconies are not utilised as social spaces or for entertainment purposes due to their space restrictions. However, modern architectural designs have introduced and paved the way for numerous ways of maximising and utilising the space of these balconies. Today, these areas can finally be used as an extension to social spaces from inside a property.

If you are thinking of converting your balcony into something useful, then here are some cosy outdoor balcony ideas that can make this area functional and great looking.

Add Lively Plants

Natural products certainly have features that cannot be trumped by artificial or manmade products. And so, one great way to make your balcony cosy and lively is to add some lush plants and herbs. These greeneries can surely make your balcony smell good and look pretty. Even if you have not entered the balcony, you can easily feel and see the comfort of the place as nature gives life to your property.

Integrate Café Table

Want to enjoy and spend your morning coffee outdoors? Then you might want to integrate a café table and a chair for your morning refreshment. It would be important for these furniture pieces to be portable and foldable so that they can be easily transferred whenever necessary. Also, make sure that your table and chair are both made from materials that can withstand different weather elements.

Bring in Pillows

Balconies typically receive fresh air. And so, if you want to make your own balcony colourful and comfortable, then bring in floor pillows that are relaxing to sit or sleep in. The addition of fluffy pillows to the balconies can easily promote more social gatherings in these areas compared to the living room. More fun talks and conversations may even happen on your pillow-filled balcony.

Install Outdoor Lights

Another great way to maximise your balcony is to install weather-proof lights. These lights can easily illuminate the space whenever the sun goes down. Using colourful lights can even make the place enchanting and pleasant looking. Another benefit of outdoor lighting is that it can make the place safer and more secure as any suspicious movements can be easily detected.

Include Some Shade

Aside from lighting, you can also maximise and make your balcony a great place to hang out with by adding some shade. A retractable awning can already protect everything that is underneath it from intense rain or harsh sunlight. An awning can come with a wide variety of bold colours that can make your balcony unique and great to stare at.

Build New Flooring

Flooring is essential to make an outdoor balcony functional. When building a new flooring for your balcony, you may want to choose materials that do not only look great but can also withstand the damaging effects of heat and moisture. Some outdoor flooring options that you can choose from are tiles, concrete, brick, heavy-duty flexible coating, rubber pavers, and high-quality timber.

These cosy outdoor balcony ideas can all be integrated alongside other ideas that have not been previously mentioned. If you want help with your outdoor balcony renovation, just give us a call at Thomsen Builders & Carpenters.

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