Sustainable Trends and Ideas in Home Renovation and Design

21 October 2020

Many industries all over the world are keen on moving towards a more sustainable future so that they can help not only meet the demands of the current generation but for them to also take care of the planet that will accommodate the future generation. 

One industry that has embraced the call for sustainable practices and principles is the home construction industry. Sustainable homes, whether they are newly built or renovated, are known to easily reduce harmful emissions on the atmosphere, eradicate waste materials on landfills, preserve natural resources, and help families save energy and money.

If you are planning to integrate sustainability into your home renovation and design, then you might want to integrate the following sustainable trends and ideas.

Maximise Sustainable Materials

Sustainable homes will not be complete if there are no integrated sustainable materials within them. For your home to be sustainable, you must use materials that are eco-friendly and safe for the environment for its overall construction. These materials must also be recyclable so that they can be repurposed and used again in the future, instead of transporting them to landfills. Some of the materials that are known to be sustainable include wood, steel, cork, bamboo, and recycled plastic. Incorporating these materials for your home renovation allows your home to be environmentally friendly.

Prioritise Domestic Products

Many homeowners use materials that are imported from other countries. While most of the imported construction materials, furniture, and others have high-quality and are affordable, the amount of carbon footprint that is associated with their transport and shipping can be huge. And so, for a sustainable home, you must switch out some of your chosen imported products to domestic products. Utilising domestic products will not cost you a lot of wasteful energy costs and emit harmful carbon emissions.

Upgrade Dated Areas and Parts

Another great way to make your home sustainable is to upgrade all areas and parts that badly need it. There are old appliances that are known to consume a huge amount of energy. Moreover, they might not even possess some Energy Star ratings that are usually found on appliances these days. Replacing them with the ones with the said ratings can help you reduce energy consumption. Aside from appliances, you may want to change and update your home’s old insulation system, light fixtures, windows, and others.

Integrate Alternate Energy Source

Most of the appliances and light fixtures are powered by electricity. And if your home spends a lot of money just to compensate for the amount of energy that you have consumed, then it would be truly not sustainable for you. Integrating other alternative energy sources can help you reduce electricity consumption and the associated costs. One great alternate energy source is solar, which uses the light from the sun in powering up the property. Other energy sources may come from water or wind.

The options for sustainable homes do not end here. If you want to know more sustainable home options, feel free to give us a call at Thomsen Builders & Carpenters. We cater to a variety of clients throughout Sydney and selected Sydney Metropolitan areas providing a wide range of general maintenance and construction work to residential and commercial buildings, facilities maintenance, and property management with competitive quality and reliability in a safe and friendly working environment.

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