Your Sydney Home Renovation Checklist 101

8 November 2020

At some point in their lives, some homeowners would want to renovate and modify some features and elements of their homes. Even if it only covers their kitchen or living room, they truly believe that renovating them can easily improve the looks and functions of their home.

Renovation projects can truly change and alter the appearance and functionality of home properties. And the only thing that holds back some homeowners in starting this project is the time and resources that they must spend for them to initiate and consequently finalise all the plans related to the project. Fortunately, we at Thomsen Builders & Carpenters, have come up with a checklist so that your renovation plans and ideas can now finally move forward and become a reality.

Set a Practical Budget

Home renovation can be costly, which is why you must start your checklist by setting up your available budget for the project. Identifying your budget at this early stage can easily help you limit your renovation ideas based on your accessible finances. The probability of going beyond the budget can be easily minimised as you set the money aside. In identifying your budget, you must strictly determine if it can already accommodate your intended home renovation plans. Additionally, your budget must already cover all the necessary fees for permits, services, materials, and others that are vital to the project. And to be sure, you may want to allocate a percentage of your budget to some unexpected expenses.

Create a Detailed Plan

After figuring out your available budget, you must now create a detailed plan and a list of your priorities. Your plan may consist of all the changes that you want to see in specific parts of your home. Some of the things that are commonly updated and changed during renovation works include the walls, flooring, doors, windows, countertops, and shelves. Most of the changes during home renovations take place in the kitchen, but other areas such as living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms are also updated frequently. As for your priorities, listing them all down can help you pinpoint all elements that your contractor should not behind as you all work together during the planning and actual work stages.

Wrap Up the Timeline

Works related to home renovation projects typically vary on the requirements that you have set. If you are working on renovating your kitchen only, then you can expect the project to be completed in just a few weeks. Alternatively, renovating multiple areas in your home can take you months. And so, finding out the scope and size of your project can help you finalise and wrap up the estimated timeline of the project. But to make your timeline more effective, you can set and establish the days allotted for some specific renovation tasks. This way, your contractor would know which tasks they should prioritise first.  Your home renovation project will not be complete without a reliable contractor. Fortunately, we, at Thomsen Builders & Carpenters, can convert your renovation plans and ideas into reality. We cater to a variety of clients throughout Sydney and selected Sydney Metropolitan areas, providing a wide range of general maintenance and construction work to residential and commercial buildings.

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